Assess your Project

Assess Your Project

The creative professionals at CCfH have refined a five-step development process based on a proven, cost effective, and simple community level intervention model. The five steps are:

  • listening/distilling
  • concept/creation
  • budgeting/production
  • promotion/dissemination
  • follow up/evaluation

Our experience since 1990 has shown that all steps in this creative development process are fluid. After fund raising, the greatest challenge facing most not-for-profit community based organizations responsible for designing and implementing health education programs is assembling and leveraging the right professional or community resources at each phase of a create project’s development cycle. Understanding and managing each of these five steps well is critical to the overall outcome and success of any community level intervention project.

Our Creative Needs Assessment Form can help you analyze your situation and your community resources. We hope this brief questionnaire will help you determine how of if CCfH might help you with your community intervention activity.

Creative Needs Assessment Form PDF

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