Concerned Citizens for Humanity

Concerned Citizens for Humanity (CCfH) is a non-profit organization that creates compelling, community derived communications and educational programs that promote personal and public health.

CCfH engages citizens and professionals from many disciplines in a focus group environment where they share their insights and thoughts on social issues impacting their communities. This systematic approach gathers a broad range of concepts and ideas. They are analyzed and distilled down to basic elements that lead to the production and dissemination of targeted and highly effective communications and educational programs.

If your organization’s primary objective is advancing and sustaining positive personal and public health behaviors, use our intervention model and Creative Needs Assessment Form to assess your projects.

CCfH Mission

The mission of Concerned Citizens for Humanity is to promote healthy communities by working with them to provide empowering information.

Core Values

The core values of Concerned Citizens for Humanity are:

  • The belief that one person can make a difference.
  • The restoration of care, hope, and mutual respect between people.
  • The right of every person to have affordable, culturally sensitive health information.
  • The right of all people to participate in finding and developing creative solutions that promote health in their communities.
  • The simple truths found in all our messages.

Basic Operating Principles

  • A strategy of intervention at the community level, with grassroots participation at its core.
  • People-centered, community-based input, not outside campaigns imposed on its constituents and clients.
  • Maintenance of high quality and production standards in all its creative work from concept through fulfillment.
  • Creative programs designed with science-based pre and post evaluation and outcome measures that support accepted grass root community level intervention strategies.