Interactive Projects

CCfH Interactive Projects

The ‘STOPAIDS’ Mobile Theatre provides culturally sensitive and age appropriate interactive improvisational theatre for hearing and deaf at-risk young audiences. This highly effective HIV/AIDS educational program launched in 1997 reaches large audiences of young people with important messages of compassion and personal responsibility. It was partially funded by the NEA in 1997/98 and continues to perform with state and local support to excited and receptive young audiences in private and public schools across Connecticut.

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The ‘Our Community/Nuestra Communitad’ K-3 AIDS curriculum is written, illustrated, and designed by CCfH. This character based health education program has age-appropriate bilingual lessons ranging from ‘feelings’ to ‘being safe from germs’ and features a student workbook as well as teacher and parent guides.The ‘Our Community Puppet Theatre’ is a classroom based performance venue for K-3 HIV/AIDS health education designed and produced by CCfH. In a 30-minute performance it introduces students to themes and multi-cultural characters found in the curriculum. Both programs emphasis compassion as well as the impact HIV/AIDS has on the overall health of our communities. These character education programs were developed in collaboration with parents, children and teachers.

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The STOP Hepatitis Mobile Theatre is designed to educate young audiences about Hepatitis A, B, and C through age-appropriate and culturally sensitive improvisational performances. The use of humor, interactive drama and high impact graphics allows this pilot intervention program to deliver effective ‘health information to high-risk populations’. This innovative program complements the STOP AIDS Mobile Theatre and travels to schools and community based organizations across CT. It is currently funded by a prevention education grant from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).view larger image