Choices Series

The ‘Choices/Consequences’ series – an NEA funded mural project in 1996-1997

This artwork boldly illustrates the widespread impact that youth violence has on our communities: urban, suburban, and rural. “Choices/Consequences” was a CCfH produced mural series featuring powerful concepts derived from the direct input of various gang members as translated by young artists and “taggers” (graffiti artists), who created passionate murals expressing their unique and complex perspective on violence. Themes of random violence dominated the project as grass-root discussion groups focused on the senseless yet continuing revenge and drug related factors fueling the pandemic.

These colorful murals were later printed as a color poster and were also displayed on billboards in over 50 diverse Connecticut sites to help achieve the widest public impact and access. From idea, to image, to action, our world changes citizen by citizen.

No Safe Zone – 1996
Bullets Have No Name – 1997
Choices/Consequences – 1997

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