Recovery Series

‘Recovery is a natural process’ (1999)
An image of a forest recovering after the total devastation wrought by a volcanic eruption and ensuing firestorm captures the spirit of CCAR which embraces the potential for total self recovery from a life of addiction.

‘Recovering something lost’ (1999)
An image of divers working together to uncover long lost treasure from a sunken wreck on the ocean floor is used to illustrate the ability of a community recovery program to help one recover something long lost and precious about ourselves.

‘Harvesting the seeds of empowerment’ (2000)
This image of CCAR members portrays the completely organic and supportive lifestyle found within this novel community recovery program whose primary goal is to harvest and nurture the future seeds of empowerment so critical to overcoming and sustaining a life of addiction free behavior.

‘Lion and Lamb’ (2002)
The fourth image in the Recovery series came as a result of the success of the initial series and highlights the need to remind ourselves that although recovery from addiction is possible the lion inside which often stalks our communities for drugs remains a part of our personality and needs to be acknowledged and dealt with on a daily basis to coexist with the lamb – symbolic of a sober and peaceful life.