New Projects

The ‘Trusted Partner Myth’ campaign (PSI Malawi – 2003)

This beautiful image is the cornerstone of a powerful and highly successful HIV/AIDS intervention campaign in Malawi, an African nation where thousands of people die of AIDS each year. The ‘Trusted Partner Myth’ is a very difficult issue to visualize and one tinged with historical reticence regarding any discussion of Malawian men’s lack of trust and fidelity in sex matters. Community debate and focus group discussion about ‘Trust’ led us to the seminal creative decision to show private conversations between two people in a variety of real life community settings ­ a key idea through the entire campaign. A major social hurdle was crossed when we photographed two young village women openly discussing condom use by their men at a local well site.

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Chishango II Relaunch Project (Malawi – 2003)

The Chishango II social marketing campaign was built upon the success of the initial proverb driven Chishango I campaign and was designed to advance the evolving ‘Chishango Lifestyle’ concept introduced in 2002 that featured images of popular young Malawian soccer players holding up Chishango condoms. Focus group data, strong condom sales, and positive feedback to the initial campaigns determined that additional creative approaches would highlight well-known Malawian proverbs and modern lifestyle concepts. Both the ‘Brie’ (shown here) and ‘stadium encounter’ were selected for final print production and dissemination. Initial campaign response has been extremely favorable and condom sales have continued to set monthly records.

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The “Tears of the Prophets” poster

This second poster builds on the message of shared vision found in the initial ‘Dove’ poster and speaks to the critical need for unity, respect and religious harmony in a world beset by geopolitical strife and random acts of terrorism. The powerful call to action contained in the featured quote from the Qur-an was selected specifically for this poster by Imam’s from the Hartford, CT Islamic Center and strongly supports the dialogue for peace espoused by the American Jewish, Christian, and Muslim churches.

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This HIV/AIDS project targeting CT migrant farm workers was designed with their direct input and participation using the proven CCfH creative development model. Several focus groups with men and women ascertained their overall knowledge of HIV, STDs and the behaviors leading to infection. Each was facilitated in Spanish by experienced HIV health educators and provided culturally specific insights into the highly mobile and transient nature of migrant lives. The groups were organized by the CT Department of Public Health (DPH) in collaboration with CCfH and Connecticosh, a statewide migrant labor/health education outreach contractor funded by DPH. The project was funded by the DPH with a grant targeting ‘special populations’ from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)

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‘Think About AIDS’- the Osborn Men’s Prison Murals (2003/’04)

The twelve ‘Talking’ art panels shown in this photo at the Art Space gallery in New Haven, CT were produced by CCfH as part of an HIV/AIDS community level intervention project in collaboration with Community Partners in Action (CPA’s) Beyond Fear program. The murals were painted by inmate artists from the Osborn Correctional Facility under the tutelage of artist Jeffrey Greene, former program director of the CPA’s Prison Arts program. The project was an exciting opportunity for incarcerated individuals to create dramatic new images about how they felt HIV/AIDS has affected them and their loved ones. The gallery exhibit included a 32-page brochure in English and Spanish with all twelve murals and excerpts from the individual artists’ recorded statements. Funding for this project was provided by the Connecticut Department of Public Health ­ AIDS & Chronic Diseases Division (DPH) and Community Partners in Action (CPA).

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This HIV/AIDS intervention project focuses on men and women over age 50 in our community. The evolution of HIV wonder drugs combined with new sexual performance medications has changed the social environment and risk factors for those over fifty years old. Statistics show that active lifestyles, changing dating patterns, and increased risky behavior within this target population now point to a significant increase in HIV infections within this age group. The program evolved from focus group data collected and was designed with the direct input and participation of the target population using the proven CCfH creative development model. A recurring theme and strong preference for getting basic health information – including HIV/AIDS information – ‘from your doctor’ was voiced and was used for the core message contained on each prevention poster. The use of humor and down to earth images grew out of comments made concerning places and real life situations where those over 50 might discuss HIV/AIDS.

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