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Compelling four-part series of poster images, bookcovers, mouse pads, and community billboards promoting abstinence and teen pregnancy prevention and responsibility. These teen inspired ideas were designed and produced with teens over a two year period (1999-2000) and displayed as billboards in over 40 community locations. This design project was partially funded by a Design Arts grant from the NEA in 1998 and completed with funding provided by the CT Department of Public Health – AIDS Division in 1999.

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Native American HIV/AIDS poster series: The current involvement of CCfH in designing educational information on HIV/AIDS for the Native American community officially began at the personal request (in 1997) of former CPG member and CT Indian Council Director, Faith Huntington.Beginning with a small focus group held at the Councils’ office in Gales Ferry, CT facilitated by Faith Huntington, the entire framework for a three-part series of HIV/AIDS awareness posters was laid out. It was decided that to best capture the spirit of the many culturally specific ideas shared that day we would design a related series of three images that spoke to the past the present, and the future.

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The project was sponsored by CT Catholic Charities Refugee and Immigration Services and funded by federal and state HIV awareness and prevention money. A mural called ‘River of Memories, River of Hope’ was designed by CCfH artist Carlos Hernandez-Chavez who assisted young refugee artists in its completion. It tells the story of a refugee’s struggle to survive war, malnutrition, bureaucratic delays only to be confronted new health challenges in a new country. A brochure featuring full color sections of the mural and printed in five refugee languages was also produced.

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A four part series of (18 x 24″) full-color ‘RECOVERY’ posters produced by CCfH for the Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery Program (CCAR). Each poster in this challenging series is designed to capture the spirit of personal healing and group support found in CCARšs community based recovery process. Each piece was developed with direct CCAR member input and feedback gathered through numerous one hour focus group sessions held in conjunction with the organizations monthly meetings. The final poster images and accompanying messages shown here were chosen after careful review and discussion of numerous creative concepts presented by CCfH to the entire CCAR membership.

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Creative direction and production of multi-cultural HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns in Mozambique (2000) and Malawi, Africa (2001) – funded by consulting contacts from Population Services International. These focus group driven, grass root inspired educational programs produced a powerful series of posters, city-signs, billboards, and social marketing materials to provide targeted prevention messages on HIV/AIDS to diverse and previously underserved populations. The projects are ongoing and involve significant levels of pre and post evaluation tools to measure behavioral changes in target social networks

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